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The BTEC Tech Award in Sport is a popular option for those students that benefit from applying their knowledge via a variety of styles of assignments in addition to an external exam. Throughout Y10 and Y11 students build up their level of understanding of the content and develop the skills they need to succeed in this Sport qualification. Students study the following range of topics, although the order of activities may vary:

Year 10

  • Components of physical fitness
  • Components of skill-related fitness
  • Techniques, strategies and fitness required for different sports
  • Officials in sport
  • Rules and regulations in sport
  • Planning drills and conditioned practices to develop participants’ sporting skills

Year 11

  • Types of provision of sport 
  • Equipment and technology required to take part in sport and physical activity
  • Preparing participants to take part in physical activity
  • Importance of fitness for sports performance
  • Investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels
  • Training methods
  • Fitness programming to improve fitness and sports performance