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VESPA Mindset

Brief overview of VESPA


Vespa is an engagement project designed by national educational leaders to improve five key skills in all students:

Vision:  All students quickly have a plan about their future destination.  Teachers and tutors will support you with this but if you do not have a clear vision, the likelihood of an ambitious destination being achieved decreases.

Effort:  Encouraging students to work hard, and showing them the benefits of this, allows them to maintain the necessary pace and input to succeed at this level and to transition to the next.

Systems:  Ensuring that students develop appropriate Level 3 learning systems that have evolved from GCSE is critical.  Doing the same thing and yielding low results is not something that will harness a positive mind-set.  Students need to understand how to structure effective and sustained independent study for linear courses.

Practice:  In addition to revision, students need to develop skills to practice and simulate exam experiences as much as possible.  This will begin with the completion of past paper questions and progress to timed questions that are self-marked using examiners mark schemes and reports.  The aim here is to ensure that students are prepared for all eventualities in an exam situation and can apply what they have revised more easily.

Attitude:  Students must understand that this phase of education is different to GCSE and the required attitude is therefore also different.  As part-time employment, added responsibilities at home and health and wellbeing changes occur, the need to remain positive and to work with those around you who are paid to support you is crucial.  Having the right attitude is therefore last in this acronym but the most important system to develop.


Students with these five systems will achieve beyond their potential in most situations.  The project aims to provide ongoing opportunities to develop key competences to improve each area for individual students who fully engage.