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The Bosco Centre

The Bosco Centre is education arranged for students unable to access the main school curriculum due to exclusion, illness or other complex reasons. The Bosco Centre’s key principles are:

- all students receive a high-quality, personalised education;

- all students will have high aspirations and ambition;

- all students have a positive transition to their next key stage;

- all students with significant needs are reassessed and an appropriate plan created for reintegration to the main body of the school.

Parent testimonial

"Working with the staff at Thornleigh is always positive, even if it is a delicate, sensitive or behavioural issue.

They always have my child’s best interest at heart and conduct themselves with compassion and understanding, while being consistent and representative of the whole school.

Bosco Centre staff are particularly good, and all my interactions with them have been positive and led toward good developments for my child."

Former student

 "After a successful five years at Thornleigh, I completed a Level 3 Diploma in Business and earned the prestigious Distinction Star for their outstanding academic performance.

I continues to defy expectations while pursuing a degree in Business Management at Northumbria University. My aspiration is to become an analyst."