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Testimony from External Agencies

Park school teaching service is often used by Thornleigh as a short term intervention to help re-engage students with learning and increase their attendance. The process in which Thornleigh follows is usually a short term placement of 6 weeks with a slow transition back into their mainstream setting however, the length of time at Park school may differ depending on the student and their story. Thornleigh work closely with us to ensure the transition is successful and that students are reengaged with learning.

Park Teaching School

“As a Behaviour Support Professional coming into Thornleigh High School I have found it to be a warm, inviting and fully supportive environment to be in. The Staff are very professional and communication is of a consistently high standard. They listen and take on board suggestions, advice and recommendations. I find the needs of each Pupil are reflected in the day to day teaching practices and support available throughout the entire School”.  

Bolton Behaviour Support Service

“Bolton’s Virtual School Team really value the excellent relationships developed with Thornleigh and are proud that it is leading the way for whole school Trauma-Informed and Attachment Aware approaches across the borough!

Many of our children have some additional needs of varying levels, and staff at Thornleigh always go above and beyond to meet their needs. The Bosco Centre offers the small nurturing provision, which often our children need to utilise. Their specialist members of staff form positive relationships with students, work closely with them, and other professionals supporting them, to identify their needs and the support they require. The Bosco centre provides the respite some children need at times, and prepares them for mainstream lessons again.

SEND and Safeguarding Leads consistently work collaboratively with the Virtual School, carers, social workers and students to ensure our children have tailored and personalised support when required, and have the best possible outcomes. Staff at Thornleigh have a clear understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences, working above and beyond to narrow the attainment gap and raise their aspirations, whilst keeping their voices as a the centre of everything they do.” Bolton Virtual School