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At Key Stage 3 in Spanish, students develop their linguistic, cultural and grammatical knowledge of the Hispanic world using the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Whilst studying a variety of themes, the students will also learn how to apply key grammatical structures to their learning such as opinions, reasons, adjectival agreements, a range of tenses and phonics. These key skills are regularly assessed throughout the academic year in correspondence with their Learning Logs and the students receive a Knowledge Organiser, ‘Glosario’, at the start of each theme to support their learning both in and outside the classroom. The students will also complete a weekly ‘Deberes’ homework quiz on Google Classroom to practise and consolidate their learning.

In Year 7 students will study:

  • All about me - introductions (name, age, birthday, where I live)
  • My Family and I - physical and personal descriptions, family members and friends
  • Food and Drink - giving opinions and reasons about food and drink preferences
  • Free Time - sports, free time activities and the present tense
  • My House - room, furniture, prepositions and the conditional tense
  • Film Study - Encanto - cultural awareness of Colombia

In Year 8 students will study:

  • Holidays - countries, transport, activities and the preterite tense
  • School - subjects, opinions, uniform, facilities and making comparisons using imperfect tense structures
  • My Town - locations, shops, activities and the imperfect tense
  • Media and Technology - items of technology, films TV shows 
  • World of tomorrow - recycling, environmental problems and the immediate future
  • Film Study - Zipe Zape - cultural awareness of school differences and comics

Year 9

  • Celebrity Culture - third person descriptions, fashion, music and the imperfect tense
  • Healthy Living - healthy habits (food and drink, exercise), unhealthy habits (smoking,drugs and alcohol)
  • My Future - jobs, adverts, interviews and future plans
  • Customs - daily routine, religious festivals and special occasions
  • Worldwide Problems - environment, poverty, homelessness and charity work
  • Film Study - Voces Inocentes - cultural awareness of El Salvador and the history including the Civil War