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Sociology is the study of the people in society. It is concerned with our experiences and the various institutions that have an impact on our lives. Sociology examines why the world is as it is - why some people are poor and others rich, why we have to go to school, why some people commit crime, why the divorce rate is rising.

Some of the topics include:

  • Education – including the effect gender, social class and ethnicity have on educational achievement
  • The Family – including research into the role of the family in modern society
  • The Mass Media – including how the media represent certain groups of people in society
  • Crime and Deviance – including sociological explanations of why crime exists in our society
  • Theory and Methods - including sociological theories such as Feminism, Marxism, Functionalism and Post Modernism
  • Methods in Context

There are three assessed papers. All papers are 2 hours long and will be sat at the end of the two years.