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Sixth Form Staff

We are delighted to welcome you to Thornleigh Sixth Form.

Our Sixth Form students are role models to the rest of the school and we are incredibly proud of their achievements. We are really proud of the strong relationships that our staff and students have which allows us to get the very best from our students. Our ethos is to create a secure and supportive environment, underpinned by our whole school Salesian principles of Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour in which students can benefit from expert teaching and individual guidance.

Sixth Form Team

Miss S. Reid 
Mr D. Wilson
Miss C. Ferraro
Mr G. Gleeson
Mrs H. Ogden

Year 12 Group Tutors

12.1    Miss F. Hulme
12.2   Mr D. Gavin
12.3   Miss G. Bailey
12.4   Mr L. Cox
12.5   Dr M. Smethurst
12.6   Ms J. Topham
12.7   Mrs E. Lyon

Year 13 Group Tutors

13.1    Mr L. Alvarez
13.2   Mrs S. McKeown & Miss E. Pearson
13.3   Miss T. Gamble
13.4   Mr J. Stocks
13.5   Mr R. Partington
13.6   Mrs M. Whittaker & Mrs S. Kearsley
13.7   Mrs C. Keating & Mrs V. Siddall