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Religious Education

Each year group has a carefully planned curriculum MAP. The purpose of this is to ensure that in RE all students follow the same curriculum at the same time and are able to see their own development throughout the year. 

KS3 and Core RE follows the Religious Education Curriculum Directory following the braces of; Creation & Covenant, Prophecy & Promise, Galilee to Jerusalem, Desert to Garden, To the Ends of the Earth and Dialogue and Encounter.

KS4 follows the Edexcel Religious Studies Specification A GCSE.

KS5 follows the AQA Philosophy, Ethics and Religion A-Level.

Throughout our RE curriculum there are many opportunities for faith and reflection. Throughout the year students have the opportunity to take part in the sacrament of reconciliation, Advent and Lenten preparations and visit our Salesian Province House. 

Every year 7 student will visit our Salesian House to learn about the people who live and work there and the vital role they play in the global Salesian community.

As part of the RE curriculum we complete the diocesan Faith in Action award. This allows students time to reflect on the work they have put into their award. During these reflections points we ask students to consider how they have put their faith into action, both in school and in the wider parish community. There are 3 reflection points throughout the year culminating in a final reflection before they can receive their award.