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Our Support

Coaching and Interventions

Students can sometimes find the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 challenging. In sixth form, there are increased expectations that students become more independent, more proactive in their learning and gain an understanding of how to manage time effectively. Our coaching and intervention programmes run at key points in Year 12 and 13, providing students in need of academic support with advice and guidance through one-to-one coaching sessions. Students agree weekly targets with their coach which help develop and embed the skills necessary to be a successful Sixth Form student. 

Pastoral Care

“So much support is provided by all the staff and the environment is so positive making me excited to come into sixth form everyday”. (Year 13 student, 2023)

We are proud of the pastoral care that we put in around every child. Each student will have their own group tutor who will see them through their post-16 journey. Students will meet with their tutor daily and this ensures a strong relationship develops over the two years that students are with us.
“Sixth form is a great community of loving teachers and students, everyone is welcomed”. (Year 13 student, 2023)

The transition between Year 11 and 12 can be tricky but the package put in place ensures that everyone feels welcome and knows who to seek support and advice from if needed. Staff doors are always open and communication between students, teachers and parents happens as the need arises.

Work Experience

For a number of vocational degrees it is essential that students have some relevant work experience. Certain university subjects, such as medicine, education, engineering, business, journalism, social work, and psychology, often emphasise or require work experience. Work experience provides practical application, industry insights, skill development, and a better understanding of the field. Specific work experience requirements can vary, so it's essential to research individual universities and programs for their guidelines.

Universities like students to have undertaken relevant work experience:

  • To demonstrate commitment to a chosen career choice
  • To prove that you are fully informed about the career choice and have seen it first hand

At the end of the summer term, all year 12 students get the opportunity to undertake a week of work experience. This process is launched with students in January of year 12 to allow plenty of time to put the feelers out for opportunities. The process is managed using Unifrog.

Students are also encouraged to take on voluntary placements throughout the academic year. This is a great way to help others and try something new.

Both work experience and volunteering will really enhance a personal statement or a CV.

UCAS Process and References

Information to follow.

Careers Appointments

At any point during Sixth Form, group tutors can refer a student for a career appointment. This may happen in the first instance with one of the career leads or could be with our school careers advisor. 


It is crucial that all students maintain attendance of 95% or above. Anything below this is known to have a detrimental impact on outcomes. Attendance concerns will be followed up by group tutors and the Sixth Form team.


You will have a dedicated one-to-one meeting every two weeks with your group tutor. The themes of the sessions will be tailored to your individual needs but your tutor will discuss transition to A levels, assessment preparation, independent study, organisation, UCAS destinations and enrichment.

Futures Week

This is a highlight in our Year 12 calendar and is an opportunity for the timetable to alter for the week.

Multiple different university speakers come in and present on a range of higher education topics such as student finance, styles of university, accommodation, different courses etc. Apprenticeships and employer related workshops also occur as well as hearing from speakers about employability and money related skills. 

On top of all this destinations guidance there are motivational sessions, PPE reflection opportunities, rewards and a sports afternoon to round off the week.

Financial Support