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Our Curriculum

We are proud of our broad and balanced curriculum offer that allows students to study Academic, Vocational or a mixture of courses.  We want students to choose three courses that match their future aspirations, that build upon their success at Key Stage 4 and that excite them. 

In addition to the formal curriculum, students require a pastoral support system to help them through the toughest part of their educational journey. They need an enrichment programme that will enhance their knowledge, skills and values allowing them to become a more developed individual.  Students also require opportunities to learn while having fun, to make new friends, to share new experiences (here or abroad) and to laugh when possible.

On this site you will find our curriculum maps, learning journeys and details of key assessment pieces in each subject area.  Please note the exam boards of each of your subjects along with the exam structure, controlled assessments and coursework requirements. All BTEC subjects at Thornleigh Salesian College are Pearson Edexcel.