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Supervision of All Staff, Students and Visitors 

Supervision of all staff, students and visitors are to be in accordance with the guidelines indicated in the various sections of the current staff handbook, and in accordance with any other guidelines issued from time to time.


There is a First Aid post at present based on the ground floor of the Bosco Centre. 

The primary aim of the first aid post are to:

  • Give immediate help to any person within school with a common injury arising from a specific hazard during the school day.
  • Maintain the care and welfare of both students and staff in school.
  • To keep an electronic & paper base, up to date log in secured shared service folder – First Aid detailing all medical conditions, administration of medicines, incident, accident and occurrences where first aid may be required.
  • To receive the necessary up to date training and support from other health professionals.



Health Care Plan (HCP)

For a young person with medical needs, a support package will be discussed and agreed between the parent/carer and school. For some students this will require a Health Care Plan to be created. The purpose being to help staff identify the necessary safety measures to support the young person, ensure the welfare and safety of the student and give details of the medical requirements and procedures in the event of an emergency which may occur due to the student’s specific condition. Sharing information is important so staff can ensure the best care for a young person. Information is shared electronically via the school IT network.