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Key Stage 3 Overview

Students build on the skills developed throughout primary school to prepare them for the GCSE syllabus. Within lessons, students are challenged and prompted to deepen their understanding of a wide range of mathematical skills, ensuring that they are confident mathematicians. 

Year 7

  • Number – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Estimation, Number operations, Factors and Multiples.
  • Shape – Properties of shape, Sorting and classifying, Angle facts and Area/Perimeter problems.
  • Algebra – Expanding brackets, Substitution, Sequences and Equations.
  • Data – Working with averages, Interpreting and representing data, Sets and probability.
  • Ratio and Proportion – Compound units, Converting units.

Year 8

  • Number – Operations on fractions, Use of a calculator, Percentages.
  • Shape –Area, Volume, converting units.
  • Algebra – Sequences, Straight line graphs, Solving equations, Rearranging formulae.
  • Data – Listing outcomes, Analysing and comparing distributions, Finding averages from charts
  • Ratio and Proportion – Sharing in given ratios, Direct and inverse proportion