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Information Technology


Course Description

Cambridge Technicals are vocational qualifications at Level 3 designed with the workplace in mind and provide a more hand-on approach to learning. This qualification gives an insight into the IT sector and teaches the essential skills needed within IT and Cyber Security. The course develops knowledge and understanding of the principles of IT and global information systems. This course takes the ‘application developer’ pathway, specialising in application development (both websites and phone application) and project management and gives you the opportunity to work with a real client base to develop end products.

IT opens the doors to a range of opportunities in a rapidly growing sector and allows learners to balance modular exams with 3 controlled assignments.

The two year IT qualification investigates the pace of technological change, IT infrastructure and the flow of information on a global scale. Human factors including legal and ethical considerations form part of the course.

Students will sit two written exam papers and three controlled assessment units. The controlled assessment units include: mobile application development, website design and a choice of project management, cyber-security or social media and digital marketing.

How will I be assessed?

There are two externally assessed exam units:

• Fundamentals of IT

• Global information systems

Three core controlled assessment units:

• Application Design

• Web Design and Proto-typing

Choice of one of the following units:

• Cyber Security (exam)

• Social Media and Digital Marketing

• Project Management

What support will I receive?

Although the Cambridge Technical Introductorily Diploma is a new course at Thornleigh, it will be staffed with specialist Computer Science teachers who have previous experience of teaching and delivering this course with great results. All resources will be provided for students and you will be able to access

intervention sessions outside of the school day, online and during your independent study time.