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Key Stage 5 Overview

The Level 3 Btec qualifications offered are designed to ensure that the students increase their knowledge of the sector; the Extended Certificates are compromised by 4 units which are a mixture of external exams and coursework. The Extended Certificates are suitable for students wanting to go onto further study at university or look for an apprenticeship within their specific sector; they offer students a range of experiences and opportunities to further their personal knowledge.

Year 12 - H&S

  • Human growth and development
  • Factors affecting growth and development
  • Impact of life events on relationships, health and wellbeing
  • Working in the health and social care sector
  • Roles and responsibilities of professionals within the sector
  • Statutory guidance and procedures for working within the sector

Year 12 - CPLD

  •  The principles of growth and development
  •  Physical development
  •  Theoretical approaches to cognition, language and communication development
  • Theories of social and emotional development
  •  The role of speech, communication and language in children’s development
  •  Supporting children’s literacy and numeracy skills through speech, communication and language development
  • Approaches to the varied needs of individual children

Year 13 - H&S

  • Understanding the roles of individuals within multidisciplinary teams
  • Planning care and support for individuals with additional needs
  • Roles and responsibilities of professionals when working with individuals with additional needs
  • Statutory guidance and procedures for working within the sector

Year 13 - CPLD

  • Examine types of play and learning activities and the benefits for children’s learning and development
  • Investigate theoretical perspectives to learning and development, curriculum approaches to play and their influence ion current early years practice.  
  • Demonstrate skills required by early years professionals to support children’s purposeful play and learning opportunities
  • Investigate legal responsibilities and approaches to health and safety in early years settings
  • Explore procedures for prevention and control of infection in early years settings
  • Examine how early years professionals safeguard children and respond to concerns that a child has been abused
  • Demonstrate how to recognise and assess the hazards and risks to children and respond to emergencies in an early years setting