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Key Stage 3 Overview

In Key Stage 3 History students study a varied and enriching syllabus that covers both British, local and world history. Students in Year 7 focus on the period 1066-1800 with a final unit looking at the Industrial Revolution and how Bolton was shaped by it.  In Year 8 students start with a unit looking at the development and impact of slavery and Civil Rights in America. The rest of Year 8 is spent studying the 20th Century with a focus on World War One and Two.  The aim of both curriculums is to develop and foster a passion for History in Thornleigh students, whilst imbedding the skills students will need at Key Stage 4.

Year 7

  • Autumn term = Introduction to History-Learning how to be a history detective and the skills you need.
  • Autumn term = The Middle Ages -1066-1485. Starting with 1066 and the Norman Conquest ending with the Wars of the Roses)
  • Spring term = The Tudors - 1485 -1603.  This unit studies all the Tudor monarch’s Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I.
  • Summer term = The Stuarts -1503-1714.  This unit focuses on key events such as the Gunpowder Plot, English Civil War and Great Fire of London.

Year 8

  • Autumn term = Slavery. With this unit students learn about Britain’s role in the slave trade, what slavery was, how it took place and why it ended in England and the USA.
  • Autumn term = World War One. In this unit students study the causes and key events of World War One.
  • Spring term = America in the 1920s.  Students study the ‘roaring’ 20s and how the enormous wealth of the 1920s collapsed in 1929.
  • Spring term = Rise of Hitler and the Nazis. This unit looks at Germany 1918-1945, it also includes the study of the Holocaust.
  • Summer term = World War Two. This unit looks at key events of World War Two at both home and abroad.

Year 9

  • Autumn term = Civil Rights. With this unit students will look at challenges facing black Americans after the end of slavery, leading to the Civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s and some examples of Civil Rights within the UK.
  • Autumn term = Investigation into key events in the Cold War.   This unit will look at key events in the Cold War such as the Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War. 
  • Spring term = Crime and punishment. This unit will look at how crime and punishment has changed from the Middle Ages to now.
  • Summer term = American West c.1835 – 1895 Part I. This unit looks at how the American West developed including why people migrated west and how they tried to survive in the west.