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At Key Stage 5 students will have two teachers for A Level History. In Year 12 one teacher will focus on America 1920-1955 and the other will focus on Britain 1918-1997. In Year 13 students again will have 2 teachers one will teach the Witch Craze c. 1580-1750 topic, whilst the other will teach coursework on the origins of the First World War.  All units are studied across all terms.  The exam board studied at A Level is Edexcel.

Year 12

  • American 1920-1955. From boom to bust to recovery. (Paper 2)
  • Britain 1918-1979. Examining the social, economic, political and cultural changes (Paper 1 part b)
  • Interpretations of Thatcher and her legacy 1979-1997. Examining the policies of Thatcher and her impact on Britain. (Paper 1 part b)


Year 13

  • The Witch Craze in Britain, Europe and America 1580-1750. This unit looks at five key hunts (including Salem and Pendle) and why the witch craze ended. (Paper 3)
  • Coursework. At present the theme for this coursework is the causes of World War One.