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Head Student Application

Year 10 this is your time to think about the future. In assembly today you heard from our current head students. Below is a summary of that message.

To apply for an opportunity to be a head student please fill in the Google Form

You are welcome to add additional material to your application form such as video or create a portfolio/images pictures.Please hand this into the year 10 team.

Closing Date Wednesday 17th

Jacob - Being a Head Student is an incredible opportunity to develop your leadership skills, showcase your abilities, and make a real impact in our school community. As Head Students, you'll have the chance to represent your fellow students, voice your opinions on school matters, and work closely with school administrators to create positive change. My advice to you is just go for it, you never know what will happen, you might just even get to meet the king like we did!  

Alfie - Taking part in projects and campaigns like Be kind to my mind which promoted taking care of personal mental health through school and Bolton is such a rewarding way to use your leadership ability. Aswell as this, doing collections and fundraisers in your year group for different causes such as CAFOD is a perfect way to create change or make a positive impact.

Natalie - The role of being a Head student is an advantage for future roles as you will have an experience in leadership. Being a Head student is rewarding, the privileges and amazing opportunities that are on offer, provide an exciting engagement between the school community. For example. bright leaders

Lydia - Another reason you should apply to become head students is because of how amazing it will look on your CV and future job applications. By partaking in this role you will develop leadership, communication and decision making skills- something all employers are looking for. So you may not think it will be beneficial to you now- but when applying to universities or apprenticeships this could be the factor that separates you from the rest and your future self will thank you. 

Thank you and good luck.