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Introduction to the course. Learning about sketchbook presentation, the work of key designers and how to analysis and create interpretations of their work. Students will also refine their Photoshop skills. Students will also stretch their knowledge of technical aspects of Graphic design such as Colour Theory, Typography and Composition.

  • Students will now be moving onto creating their own work inspired by their analysis. They will respond to a design brief, take Photographs, draw, create stencils and work digitally to design a range of products Student’s will continue to refine their design ideas and the presentation of their work, developing and refining their ideas into final pieces.
  • 1ST February will see them begin their exam Students develop the own interpretations of exam brief, working through the process of refining idea and developing their own interpretations from research       
  • Exam week Students work independently refining their design ideas, presenting their work and developing their final responses.


  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Presentation techniques
  • Photoshop techniques
  • Colour Theory, typography and layout
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Stencilling
  • Photoshop
  • Design development
  • Drawing
  • Stencilling