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Year 10 and 11

Graphic Communication

Our Graphics course follows the AQA Art Specification and therefore focuses on four main Assessment Objectives. A01 looking at the work of others, A02 exploring ideas and trying out different techniques. A03 making first hand observations, this could include drawings, photographs and written thoughts and ideas and finally, AO4 creating a final outcome which demonstrates refinement of skill and outcomes. We aim to provide students with a wide range of opportunities to refine their own graphics design skills, both traditional and contemporary, such as printmaking, animation, digital editing, branding and advertising, whilst ensuring that their coursework portfolio fully meets the criteria set out by AQA.

The projects at key stage 4 will see students developing work from a variety of starting points including; Logo design, packaging, advertising and promotion. Students are encouraged to express their own personalities, ideas and insights in the completion of this work.