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In Key Stage 3 Geography students study a varied and comprehensive syllabus that covers global, national and local geography. Students in the first term study how to become a geographer, which forms the basis of their curriculum journey across all key stages. This then leads on to a study of all continents through which key geographical themes are analysed based around human, physical and environmental geography, where pupils focus on specific enquiry questions. The aim of the Key Stage 3 curriculum is to develop an understanding of geographical issues around the world, whilst also embedding key skills, such as map and graph composition.

Year 7

  • How do I become a geographer? - This unit explores students’ sense of place in the world. The initial lessons focus on locating places, such as continents and countries, followed by an introduction to the different map skills, such as OS maps, grid references. Finally, students study their local area of Bolton and Manchester, including local history and the differences between human and physical geography.
  • Always Wonder More about…Oceania - The unit will follow the key thread of learning through place. The themes studied within the topic are: Climate change, ecosystems and resource management.
  • Always Wonder More about… Europe - This is the second continent studied in year 7. It will look in depth at two countries: The UK and Russia. The key themes are physical UK landscapes, as well as they economic and political geography of Russia.
  • Always Wonder More about… North America - The themes studied within the topic will be: Weather and climate as well as hot desert ecosystems.

Year 8

  • Always wonder more about…South America - The themes studied within the topic are: Tectonics, ecosystems, development and rivers, with a particular focus on Brazil.
  • Always wonder more about…Asia - The themes studied within the topic are: Development, population, resource management and the Middle East.
  • Always wonder more about…Africa – The themes studied within the topic are: Development, population and conflict.