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Where can I park for Open Evening?

There will be spaces available on our Sixth Form car park accessed from Moss Lea, however the main school yard is available for events such as open evening. This can be accessed by entering the main school from Sharples Park.

There are several  public bus stops on Moss Bank Way.

Parking on Sharples Park is not recommended as this is a residential area and the road is not very wide.

Do I need to attend Sixth Form Open Evening if my child is already in Year 11 at Thornleigh Salesian College?

Yes, we recommend that you still visit. You will get the opportunity to meet with our Sixth Form staff, visit our learning spaces and hear more about the courses we have to offer. 

What is a study period?

Your timetable will have periods of non-contact time for the first time ever! This means you will not have a teacher in front of you delivering a lesson. During these times there is a dedicated study space to use called the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) which has ICT and printing facilities. On occasions when the LRC is used as an exam venue, there will be classrooms available. Independent study during this time must be at the top of your agenda. Success in Year 12 and in A levels overall is rooted in effective time management. If we feel you need help in this area, we will seek to offer appropriate guidance. If you feel you need help, please let us know. We do expect you to use your study time effectively and for independent work. It is vital that you use your ID card to swipe in and out at all times. 

Will you give out personal information about me?

We will not give information about you to anyone outside the school without your consent unless the law and our rules allow us to. For further information, please see the Privacy Notice on the main school website. If you require a reference for work experience or a part-time job then please approach the member of staff in advance to ask their permission.

What should I do if I am sick and cannot attend?

Parents / students must notify school by 8:30am on the first day of absence by telephone, giving a reason for their absence and followed up with evidence, notes, email or prescription. The main school absence line can be reached by calling 01204 301 351. You may be directed to a member of the Sixth Form team.

The attendance officer and the Sixth Form team will chase up those students who have not contacted school by 10am. Reasons for absence will be checked and contact with parents will be made where concern arises.

Please note that attendance and punctuality information will be used when references are requested for employment and/or higher education, therefore the highest standards are expected. There is a direct link between attendance and outcomes. Students with high attendance achieve better outcomes. The government benchmark for acceptable attendance is 97%. Anything below 90% is classified as persistent absence.

If a student feels unwell during the day then they must speak to a member of the Sixth Form team before leaving the site.

What will happen if I am late?

Late marks are recorded for arrival after 8.40am regardless of whether a student has a lesson or not.

These punctuality regulations apply to all students.

The attendance officer and the Sixth Form team will chase up those students who have not contacted school by 10am. 

Please note that attendance and punctuality information will be used when references are requested for employment and/or higher education, therefore the highest standards are expected.

What time does the college day start and finish?

The college day starts at 8.40am. Students are expected to attend at this time even if they do not have a period 1 lesson. If a student does not have a lesson period 6 then are free to leave site at 2.20pm. Students must swipe out when leaving the site.

Do I have to attend church to apply?

No, Thornleigh Sixth Form is an open-access Sixth Form. We warmly welcome students from all schools, different religious denominations and beliefs.

How can I travel to Thornleigh Sixth Form?

We encourage our students to walk or use public transport where possible.

There are school buses which enter and exit via the main school bus turn at the start and end of the school day. The timetable can be found HERE.

There are several public bus stops on Moss Bank Way.

Students with their own vehicle may park on either Moss Lea Lane or on the AstroTurf car park.

Priority must be given to staff car parking. Students with their own vehicle must respect the residents who live in the community by ensuring they park sensibly and courteously. 

More information on routes, timetables and how to buy tickets can be found on the Transport for Greater Manchester Website.

Can I take a holiday during term time?

Sixth Form students are not allowed to take holidays during term time. These will not be authorised by the Sixth Form team and would be treated as unauthorised absences.

Do I have to attend all my lessons?

Yes, students are to attend all timetabled lessons. Failure to do so will be viewed seriously. All subject teachers will take an attendance register. Information regarding attendance will be stated clearly on progress reports. If a student attends less than 95% then this is a cause for concern.

Can I work whilst I am studying?

We recommend a maximum of 10 hours per week for a part-time job. Anything more than this has been shown to have a negative impact on progress. Jobs offering late night shifts during the week are to be avoided. 

How will you know if I am in school?

It is vital that you use the swipe card system to sign in and out at all times and if you need to leave site early you must notify a member of the Sixth Form Team. All subject teachers will keep an attendance register. The entrance / exit to the Sixth Form building can only be opened by a member of Sixth Form staff.

Do I need to wear my lanyard with ID badge?

Yes, we need to be able to identify you.

You also need to use your badge to swipe in and out of the building and access the toilets.

Do Sixth Form students have to attend assembly?

Yes, we have regular assemblies as part of our tutor time programme.

Some of these have a spiritual theme and take place in our school chapel, others will be year group assemblies that take place in our Learning Resource Centre.

I need to leave early for my driving lesson/test. 

Student absence will be authorised for a driving test but not for any driving lessons. Students should not book driving lessons within the school day.

How can I get a student leadership role?

We would be delighted for students to seek a leadership role within Sixth Form. There are numerous roles and responsibilities that we require students to fulfill including fundraising, student voice, society leaders, public speaking etl. Early in Year 12 all students will be asked to put their name forward for the student leadership team. There will be regular meetings and students will report back to the staff within the Sixth Form team.

How will you monitor my progress?

As early as possible in the Autumn term of Year 12, students will be given a target grade in each subject to be used as a reference point throughout the course. This will be generated using FFT Aspire (the data analysis system we use for post-16 performance – data is generated from GCSE performance).

During Year 12, there will be 3 data collection points. Year 12 students will sit a Pre-Public Exam (PPE) series in January and June. 

During Year 13, there will be 3 data collection points. Year 13 students will sit a PPE series in November and March.

Frequent internal assessments take place within all subject areas.

Interventions include, but are not exhaustive to a coaching programme, one-to-one support from the students group tutor, daily monitoring and supervised LRC study sessions.

Parents/carers will be informed after each data collection. Where concern arises earlier, we will contact parents/carers. Should parents / carers wish to discuss their child's progress then they can contact the Sixth Form team at any point.