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Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification is an in-depth study, which can take the form of an experiment, extended essay, performance or project. It is awarded grade A*- E. It is an independent learning opportunity unlike anything else available to you in the curriculum.

The EPQ will develop skills such as independent enquiry, creative thinking, reflective learning, problem solving, self-management, effective participation, team working, structured writing, and confident communication.

What you will study is entirely up to you! You can choose any topic you like, but it must go beyond the demands of the specifications of your A level subjects. You will be given a supervisor to help shape your topic and research, but the direction your project takes will be your decision to make.

You will complete a production log, a product and a presentation.

Recent project titles completed by Thornleigh Sixth Form students have included:

Is water fluoridation more harmful than we think?

The effects of Covid-19 on trade, business investment and individuals.

Evaluating theories on the construction of the Great Pyramid and how these can be proved with modern day technology.

To what extent could nanoparticles be effective in treating cancer?

How has capitalism affected the field of genetics and the rate of progression within it?

Is the use of dental amalgam in the UK the best option?

Should gene drives be used to eradicate malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa?

More information about the Extended Project Qualification can be found by clicking HERE.