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Economics is an extremely versatile subject that can be applied to almost every industry and every career path. Economics will give you an understanding of ‘how the world works’ through the interaction between governments, firms and individuals.

You will have the opportunity to explore issues such as motorway and urban congestion, unemployment, the EU, the search for new energy sources and global economic problems. You will also learn about inflation, interest rates, t, tax and how governments allocate budgets and spend money.

We follow the Edexcel Economics A specification. Students are required to complete three two hour examinations at the end of Year 13.

Year 12 Economics

• nature of economics

• how markets work

• market failure

• government intervention

• measures of economic performance

• aggregate demand

• aggregate supply

• national income

• economic growth

• macroeconomic objectives and policy

Year 13 Economics

• business growth

• business objectives

• revenues, costs and profits

• market structures

• labour market

• government intervention

• international economics

• poverty and inequality

• emerging and developing economies

• the financial sector

• role of the state in the macroeconomy