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EAL at Thornleigh Salesian College


Thornleigh Salesian College is committed to meeting the needs of students with English as an Additional Language. 

Whilst being clear that EAL is not SEN (‘special need’) or a ‘learning difficulty’, the school acknowledges that students with EAL often have an additional need in terms of accessing the language used by staff and peers, and related learning issues, which can lead to underachievement and isolation.


Therefore we will endeavour at all times to:

  • Ensure EAL students have full access to the curriculum (and other School opportunities).
  • Be proactive in removing any barriers that stand in the way of our EAL students fulfilling their potential.
  • Provide our EAL students – particularly those who are International New Arrivals - with a safe, welcoming environment where they are accepted, valued and encouraged to participate.


EAL policy

Our EAL policy aims to:

•Set out how our school will support and make provision for pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL).

•Explain the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in providing for pupils with EAL.

If you would like to discuss the EAL policy in more detail please contact the EAL lead, Mr C Tye on 01204 301 351.