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The Drama Department at Thornleigh Salesian college aims to give students valuable transferable skills that are essential in our ever-changing society. The skills we nurture in Drama are crucial to most areas of employment and most professions.

As a new subject offered at Thornleigh, our focus is to make our Drama curriculum, engaging, enjoyable and knowledge rich. Our curriculum allows our pupils to explore the world around them creatively. Students will embark on a learning journey where they will devise performances, explore practitioners, create mask work, write, and perform scripts, direct and design.  They will explore many social issues through drama which in turn, can be an incredibly powerful tool in examining different perspectives, educating our young people and building their tolerance and acceptance ; as our Drama curriculum allows pupils to express themselves, their opinions, their ideas and reflect on the world around them using their own unique voice.

Here at Thornleigh we are proud to have a brand-new Drama studio fitted with state-of-the-art lighting, where we can perform to our school community. Our new studio also offers and a safe and supportive environment for our students to come to. Over the years our yearly school musical has been a highlight for both the school and the wider community of Thornleigh; students in Years 7 to 13 are invited to take part as actors, musicians, dancers, designers, or technical assistants! Drama will be one of the many ‘Play grounds’, where students can find enjoyment and fulfilment.

Year 7 curriculum

  • Introduction to Drama Skills
  • Style and Genre
  • Script exploration
  • Theatre History
  • Musical Theatre

Year 8 Curriculum

Script work - reviewing and developing skills.

Devising skills to a topic.

Exploration of script and context.

  • Theatre History

Year 9 Curriculum

  • Style and Genre
  • Devising skills
  • Mask/Surrealism
  • Practitioners
  • Performing a script
  •  Introduction to GCSE Drama