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Core RE

In Year 12 students have one lesson of Core RE once a week during their tutor time. This is delivered by both RE staff and Year 12 form tutors. The Core RE programme mirrors the themes in the PSHE programme so students will be able to make connections between the work in PSHE & Core RE. 

Students in Year 12 study the following topics:

Diversity and Worldviews - In this topic you will gain an understanding of what is meant by diversity in the context of worldviews and world religions. You will explore how there is diversity between different religions and the impact this has on communities as multi-faith and multi-cultural societies. You will also explore what a worldview is and gain an understanding for the worldviews of others.

Human Dignity - In this topic you will explore the Catholic Social Teaching theme of Human Dignity. This will focus on respecting ourselves and respecting others; underpinned by Gospel Values and the teachings of the Church 

Made in the image of God - In this topic you will understand what it means to be made in the image of God. During this topic you will explore what this means to an individual but also how this is reflected in the teachings of the Church and put into practice in the lives of people today. We will focus on caring for our bodies and our mental wellbeing; making connections to the Church teachings.

Ethical Decision Making - In this topic you will explore the different ways that people can make ethical and moral decisions. You will gain an understanding of the different factors that will affect how people from different faiths and backgrounds make moral decisions, looking at current ethical issues in the world.

Community - In this topic you will understand how being part of a community can have a positive effect on our wellbeing. You will explore how charity work, volunteering and community participation can build resilience and support with our positive mental wellbeing.

Vocation - In this topic you will develop an understanding of what it means to dedicate life to faith. You will explore what it means to lead a religious life and follow a vocation. During this topic there will be opportunities to visit the Chapel and well as speak to people who have committed themselves to a religious life.
In Year 13 students have one lesson of Core RE once a week which is delivered during their tutor time. Students explore a different theme each week which links to an international event taking place for example during Women’s History Month students will study Gender Equality.

Some of the key themes that students explore are democracy, charity, mental health and wellbeing, discrimination, the environment and education. This course is designed to allow students to discuss and reflect on important moral, world and religious issues and therefore become more informed and articulate about the world they live in. Students will engage in a range of tasks and class discussion as well as completing a reflection booklet for each topic to help build on their awareness of certain topics and develop their critical thinking skills.