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Year 9

Within year nine, BTEC construction takes the form of a multitude of practical projects that enhance and develop their own personal use of tools and equipment.  Project 1: Electrical Wiring. They will experience working as an electrician; Wiring a plug sockets to a double plug sockets to single fuse switches.  They will learn how to remain safe whilst wiring electrical equipment and how to create a house ring main. (Aspects of the skills learnt within this project relate to the BTEC Construction: Unit 9: Exploring Electrical Principles and Techniques)

Project 2: Joinery and Carpentry.  Students will then move onto the joinery and carpentry skills. Firstly, they will learn how to develop and cut differing timber joints.  Then onto building, their very own LED lighting system. Finally, they will make their very own bedside cabinet. (Aspects of the skills learnt within this project relate to the BTEC Construction: Unit 5: Exploring Carpentry and Joinery Principles and Techniques)

Project 3: Scientific and Mathematical principles.  Year nine students will also look at how maths are used by Architects and Quantity Surveyors in order to map out the foundations of the building leading up to a full house build. (Aspects of the skills learnt within this project relate to the BTEC Construction: Unit 2: Scientific and mathematical principles)

Year 10

Year ten is where the students amalgamate all the skills that they have learnt within year nine and apply this to the first of the two main BTEC Construction units.

Unit 5: Exploring Carpentry and Joinery Principles and Techniques is where the pupils will be beginning the joinery and carpentry aspect of the BTEC Specification.  They will have a limited amount of time to construct a frame to given specification requirements.  They are also to research the tools and equipment which is required by joiners, and to show a in-depth understand of the health and safety aspect of the practical work.  

The next part of the course is Unit 2: The Scientific and Mathematical principles.  Pupils are to use a range of given mathematical equations to transpose and apply this information to practical construction projects. They are to demonstrate their use of trigonometry and apply this to given problems within the construction industry.

Year ten is where the pupils have their first opportunity to sit the BTEC Construction Unit 1 external exam. This is where they will learn all aspects of the construction industry.  From building a foundation to the construction of the walls, and how to develop and construct the roof structure. All this will take place in the unit one curriculum.

Year 11

Within year eleven, students will be introduced to Unit 3 Architectural Design project.  They are to work as an architect and they are to design a four bed house under given constraints.  They will be  asked to draw a range of detailed floor plans.  Some students will extend this project further and they will develop their own architectural CAD designs.  This aspect of the course requires two essays to be completed.   Year 11 will also have their last opportunity to complete their BTEC external exam.