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BTEC construction takes the form of a multitude of practical and theoretical projects that enhance students’ knowledge of the building industry.  Whilst informing pupils about the careers and professions that are available within the construction industry.

Students will be introduced to the following subjects as a way of skills building:

 • Construction Technology - how a building is constructed

 • Scientific and Mathematical Applications for Construction – How maths is used within the construction industry.

• Construction and Design - why buildings are very different in their design and function

• Exploring Carpentry and Joinery - principles and techniques.

Year 10

Project 1. Unit 5: Exploring Carpentry and Joinery Principles and Techniques

This is where the pupils beginning learning the skills of a joiner and carpenter.

They initially learn how to use the joinery tools and equipment then they implement this knowledge on a timed practical outcome.

They will have a limited amount of time to construct a frame to given specification requirements.  They are also to research the tools and equipment which is required by joiners, and to show a in-depth understand of the health and safety aspect of the practical work.

Unit 3 Architectural Design project.  They are to work as an architect and they are to design a four bed house under given constraints.  They will be asked to draw and develop a range of detailed floor plans.  Some students will extend this project further and they will develop their own architectural CAD designs.  This aspect of the course requires two essays to be completed.  

Unit 1 external exam.

Year ten is where the pupils have their first opportunity to sit the BTEC Construction

This is where they will learn all aspects of the construction industry.  From building a foundation to the construction of the walls, and how to develop and construct the roof structure. All this will take place in the unit one curriculum.

Year 11

The next part of the course is Unit 2: The Scientific and Mathematical principles.  Pupils are to use a range of given mathematical equations to transpose and apply this information to practical construction projects. They are to demonstrate their use of trigonometry and apply this to given problems within the construction industry. This aspect of the course requires one essays to be completed.  

Unit 1 external exam.

This is the final opportunity for the BTEC students to gain their highest grade on the Unit 1 exam. It is a 1hr 15min exam and pupils have the opportunity to gain up to 60 marks.

The exam initially starts of with multiple choice questions building up to 2 / 4-mark questions.  All students will be asked to draw and label a range foundations / roof structure. The last aspect of the exam is the essay questions.  Where pupils will compare and contrast differing building techniques.  Within the exam pupils must always justify their answers and to give reasoned conclusions.  

The course is very broad, and is intended to introduce students to the various professions within construction industry.  It is designed to help students make informed choices about future courses and careers whilst learning essential skills along the way.