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Key Stage 3 Overview

During Years 7 and 8 students will gain the opportunity to explore a range of techniques and practises. All of which are designed to prepare students for one of our GCSE Subjects. Fine Art, Graphic Communication or Photography. Students will learn how to present work in sketchbooks and explore both 2D and 3D forms.

Year 7

  • Formal elements, experiments with line, colour, texture, shape, pattern and tone through a variety of media and techniques. 
  • Hundertwasser/ Cardboard relief architecture
  • In the garden, Observational Drawing, collage, photography and clay
  • Multicultural art, Maori Art – Pattern, printing and Maori Masks 

Year 8

  • Art History- looking art through the ages, starting with the ancient art forms from Egypt, Greece and Rome, moving through to Renaissance, Impressionism into the modern day. Students will look at both 2D and 3D fine Art, sculpture, architecture and painting.
  • Portraits – Traditional, Observational drawing     
  • Portraits - Shepard Fairey, stencilling, digital editing and skateboard design
  • Street Art, Various techniques sampled, spray paint, collage, weaving and drawing

Year 9

In year 9 students will work on three clearly divided projects. Each designed to cover a key aspect of the art curriculum that we offer here at Thornleigh Salesian College. Term One will focus predominately on Fine Art skills, Term two on Graphic Design skills and Term three Photography skills. All of which are design to compliment one another providing the students with a broad understanding of our offer at KS4.

  • Sealife- students will take inspiration from under the sea, exploring many different media and techniques in both 2D and 3D. Looking at underwater plant and animal life as inspiration to make their own 3D clay piece.
  • Animation and Character design- students will look at the history of animation from it’s first creation, exploring techniques used before designing their own character inspired by the work of contemporary Graphic Designers and Animators. Students will learn stop motion techniques to bring their design to life.    
  • Photography- students will learn essential photography skills, camera, lighting and editing techniques. Looking at the work of contemporary photographers students will go on to complete their own photoshoots and edit their best shots.