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During the A level course students will build upon their knowledge, skills and techniques learnt during their GCSE. Students will be encouraged to explore a range of different materials, techniques and processes.

  • Subject: Art Introduction to the course. Learning about presentation of work, the work of Artists and how to analysis and create interpretations of their work.
  • Students will now be moving onto creating their own work inspired by an aspect they have studied in the introduction to the course. They will respond to a project brief, take Photographs, draw, paint, and use a range of materials and techniques to investigate there chosen theme and artist. Student’s will continue to refine their ideas and the presentation of their work, developing and refining their ideas into final pieces.
  • 1st February will see students begin their exam Students develop the own interpretations of exam question, working through the process of refining idea and developing their own interpretations from research       

Exam week- Students work independently to create their final responses skills

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Presentation techniques
  • Photography
  • Drawing, painting collage
  • Other appropriate artistic techniques Idea development -  review, refine, modify
  • Creating a response to the project.
  • Presentation Research
  • Development
  • Individual skills relating directly to the direction in which each student’s