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Whilst at Thornleigh Sixth Form, I studied A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and felt very supported by my teachers - they always found answers to my endless questions! Outside of studying, I found time for tutoring, playing sport and getting involved with events such as the Thornleigh Pensioners Christmas Party! I was encouraged to apply to Cambridge University for Engineering, which has certainly been a challenge but incredibly rewarding. UK Maths Trust Competitions and writing a research essay on genetic diseases, were some of the projects I did at Thornleigh that undoubtedly helped my application to a world class University. With hard work and support from Thornleigh Sixth Form, it is possible to achieve whatever is next in life for you, whether that's work, an apprenticeship or University place and also to enjoy the process. 

During my time at Cambridge so far, I've learnt more about Engineering than I could have ever imagined, I've taken up rowing and met some incredible friends. After graduating next year, I'm looking forward to starting a career in Operations Consultancy.


Whilst at Thornleigh Sixth Form, I completed A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and History, as well as an AS level in Maths. A lot of my spare time in Year 12 was spent fundraising for projects in Tanzania, where I spent 3 weeks that summer volunteering at a local school and hospital with other pupils from the Sixth Form.

I left Thornleigh in 2014 to study Chemistry at the University of Liverpool. I decided that Chemistry wasn’t the career path I wanted to pursue and so did a master’s degree in broadcast journalism at the University of Salford in 2018. I worked at ITV News for 2 and a half years, before joining BBC Radio 5 Live last year as a producer on the breakfast programme.

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During my time at Thornleigh Sixth Form, I studied A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There were also plenty of things to do outside of lesson time like the medical and debating society. Sixth Form isn’t easy but making the most of all of the opportunities available is the best way to get through it. I left to study Dentistry at the University of Manchester but my time at Sixth Form is something that I will always cherish. 



My time at Thornleigh Sixth Form has been the most challenging but also most rewarding time of my life. Challenging in the context of being pushed to my limits, both academically and emotionally, but the care and support I received quickly made those challenges become clear and able to be tackled. I studied A level History, Economics and Sociology and the extra support from staff, the extra mile they go is different to what is delivered in other Sixth Forms and Colleges. From the intervention, to practice question booklets, to constantly being made sure my folders and work are up to date, it is clear that I was able to achieve at Thornleigh. I was grateful to receive so much support academically and also when it came to my university application, as I received offers from three universities in just 72 hours after I sent off my application and I am delighted that I will be the first person in my immediate family to go to university, specifically the University of Edinburgh to study International Relations. My experience at Thornleigh wasn’t just academic achievement but I was also able to experience an outstanding personal development programme. I received many opportunities such as travelling to Gibraltar, London, Shrewsbury Prison, UCAS exhibitions and joined many clubs such as mentoring younger pupils, student leadership, debating and conversational Spanish. Thornleigh Sixth Form has prepared me for life in modern Britain and I am grateful for all the care and opportunities it has given me.