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A Typical Day

A day in the life of Harry - Year 12

Harry arrives on site at 8.15am and swipes in. His mum drops him off on the way to her work but he knows that the Sixth Form reception area will be manned by a friendly face. 

Although he doesn’t have a lesson yet, it means he has time to print any resources he needs for the day ahead, logon to a PC and check his sixth form emails and catch-up with his friends in the common room. He also knows that the pods will be quiet so he could do half an hour of Uplearn to get ahead of his classmates in the league!

The first bell rings at 8.40am and Harry heads to his first lesson. There is a second bell at 8.45am which Harry knows means that he should be in the classroom by now ready for learning. His Economics lesson ends at 10.30am and Harry heads towards the common room to spend 20 minutes with his friends. During breaktime, Harry can get something to eat or drink from the Hive.

At the end of breaktime, Harry collects his folder from his locker and heads to his Psychology lesson. He has been advised that they are using chromebooks during this lesson so collects one from the LRC on the way.

Harry finishes his Psychology lesson at 12.30am and then makes his way towards his tutor room. During tutor time Harry’s group tutor is delivering the PSHE resources. The lunchtime bell goes at 1.00pm and once Harry has queued up at the hatch for lunch, he heads outside to play football on the Astroturf with his friends.

Harry has a Chemistry lesson starting at 1.30pm. This finishes at 2.20pm. Harry knows that he can swipe out now if he wants to leave as he doesn’t have any more lessons, however Harry knows that he needs to catch up with his EPQ supervisor and wants to do some independent learning in the LRC before he gets the school bus at 3.10pm. Harry is looking forward to a self study lesson tomorrow and has planned to complete his Psychology assignment and also do some reading ahead for Chemistry.