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Home Learning Support Booklet

Students have been completing work that is being set for them on Show My Homework by their teachers, or in the booklets that they took home for three weeks now and we are continually looking for ways that we can make this whole process better for everyone.

We have produced a ‘Home Learning’ booklet that some of you may find useful for organising work. We are conscious that for many families with limited IT facilities and parents working at home that ‘home-school’ is definitely a challenge! I would encourage you, as I have previously, to manage your expectations of your child. Working on their own at home is very different to working with support in school. Teachers will continue to set work and we have asked that all work for the week to be set on Show My Homework ready for Monday morning.  Hopefully, this will help everyone to plan the week ahead. Please do not feel the pressure for them to complete every single piece, every single week if that is proving difficult. Please encourage your child to do their best - at this time that is good enough. We have asked teachers to include, where appropriate, some video content of them introducing the work which we hope your child will find helpful and motivating. Some students are already very engaged with their learning and we are not suggesting that everyone must only follow the suggested timetable – it is only if that is helpful for you. Everyone is finding their own way through this new way of working. We do know though that it is essential that every child is doing some work every day, as getting into, and keeping a routine is very important for all of us.  If working online is not possible for your child then please do let their year tutor know and we will arrange for some work to be sent out in the post for you. We know how hard this is for everyone and we assure you that no one is going to be ‘behind’ when we do eventually get back to into our normal school routines.

We have also included in the booklet some useful websites to help you. Two of these especially, Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize, have got excellent resources and taught lessons that thousands of children across the country are now accessing. Your child’s teachers may also direct them to some of these sites. If your child is in Year 10 we will also be contacting them about a new platform that we have invested in called ‘GCSE Pod’ to tell them how they can access these brilliant resources.