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Safety Week 25th - 29th September

Safety Week

Safety Week (25th-29th of September) was a great success across school.

As a school we looked at some of the issues arising that could impact upon our students and tailored the week accordingly to make them feel safe and supported.

Susan Tinkler from Bolton Council and PC Dave Heald from the local police force, joined us for a day of presentations on road safety. They discussed the costs involved both emotionally and financially to those involved in road traffic accidents. They highlighted the need for all students to pay full attention to the dangers of the road when out walking and also issued a plea for all students to wear helmets while cycling. Susan Tinkler showed the year groups a model of a brain discussing how trauma injuries caused by falling from bikes without helmets can cause lifelong damage.

Year 7 and 8 were given a presentation from the Air AmbulanceService, discussing  their mission and work in the local area. The presentation was really interesting and the children were fascinated by the LUCAS machine for the delivery of accurate CPR.

The morning assemblies explored the theme of Mental Health First Aid, focusing on how students can actively protect their self-esteem and promote their own  resilience. We also had a tutorial time assembly for Year 9 from MHST on mental health, with services signposted for our students.

On Friday, PC Flannery presented to Year 7 on safety in our local community. He spoke particularly about the dangers of knife crime and how to respond, again signposting where help is available.

In the Curriculum for Life sessions during Safety Week, students completed a lesson on Rail Safety, using powerful materials from Living Switched On. There are also interactive materials on this site, including  quizzes and links to short videos, revealing the impact of unsafe behaviours.

We have more outside agencies coming in to talk to our students on a variety of other themes throughout the rest of the academic year.