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River of Hope 2022

This year, Thornleigh students have entered the Rivers of the World International Art and Education Project delivered in partnership with the British Council, River of Hope 2022.

Within our project students developed a collaborative piece of artwork (above), which highlighted the theme of safeguarding the future of our natural environments. Students have been inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s dedication to raising awareness about environmental messages throughout her rein and are very excited to be a part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

To create their collaborative piece students, chose to highlight the importance of local wildlife within our rivers. The piece centres around the carp, a fish which lives in our capital’s river Thames. Each fish is decorated with unique patterns and colours and is arranged in a circular pattern representing the circle of life.

If selected as a winner our entry will be turned into a silk scarf which will be waived by an official of the jubilee celebrations during the jubilee parade, the winning schools will also receive their scarf to keep.