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Smart Rewards

Staff at Thornleigh Salesian College are constantly looking to celebrate students outstanding performance and achievement in the classroom on a daily basis. We introduced the Smart Rewards program back in September 2013.

Positive contributions are recognised as part of the exciting rewards system called – SMART. We want to applaud our young people for ‘Being strong enough to think SMART’. 

All students in Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 will find three SMART cards enclosed in their training diary at the beginning of each new term. 

  • Bronze SMART Card = Orange in colour
  • Silver SMART Card = Blue in colour
  • Gold SMART Card = Yellow in colour

Each time staff see a student using one of the following SMART qualities, they will sign a SMART card:

  • Self Belief: To trust in one’s own abilities.
  • Motivation: Using positive energy to maximise the chances of achieving personal goals.
  • Awareness of other people: Understanding another person’s feelings and beliefs.
  • Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from a challenging experience. 
  • Team work: A group of people who are committed to achieving a common goal. 

When students achieve a certain number of signatures on a SMART card, they should take their training diary to their Head of Year. The Head of Year will check the SMART card and then the successful student will rewarded in one of the following four ways:

1) 5 Signatures = A Text message of Praise is sent

2)  10 Signatures = A letter of praise is sent home from either the Head of Year, a member of the Leadership Team or the Head Teacher.

3) 15 Signatures = A celebratory certificate is sent home.

4) 20 Signatures = Entry into the prize draw and a reward activity. 

Our motivated students will achieve 20 signatures on the bronze SMART card very quickly. When this happens, they should move onto the Silver SMART card. The same process to move onto Gold! 

The SMART qualities are proven to be used by the high achievers at Thornleigh Salesian College. We are convinced that the SMART system will help our young people continue to make a successful contribution to the life of the school community as they strive to fulfil their potential. 

Here is an example of Thornleigh’s PE Department’s Reward System

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