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How can I help my child with Literacy?

“Written communication has never been more important. Children need to be able to spell well and write proper sentences to get on in life”.

Nationally, there is a massive drive to improve punctuation, spelling and grammar as schools respond to the increased weighting placed on the quality of written expression in formal examinations.

Individual Literacy Targets (ILT’s) for Writing

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 will be given Individual Literacy Targets to meet each term, set by their English teachers.

This will allow students, parents and staff to be aware of areas in their writing that require development.

These are recorded in planners and on exercise books across the curriculum to keep students focused on their ILT’s.

Promoting Reading

“Children and teenagers who read frequently are more creative, imaginative and tend to have greater levels of academic excellence than those who don’t”.

Part of the government agenda is to make reading much more high profile in schools. One of the ways many schools are approaching this is through targeted form time reading.

The aim is to make reading a significant core routine in school.

Please help us by ensuring your child brings a book with them every day.

Word of the Week

An activity accessible to all students via their form tutors! A new word will be sent out each week where we encourage your son/ daughter to use the word as much as possible in and out of school. There are also interesting facts provided, such as definitions, synonyms and etymology.

Book of the Month

Courtesy of our Literacy Leaders, a new book will be launched each month and will be advertised around school. We want as many students as possible to read the chosen book, where we will encourage as many different writers and genres as possible. Readers will then be welcomed to discussion groups in the library during lunchtime and after school and there will be prizes for those who write a review for us!

So what can I do to help my child?

  • Encourage your child to read at home.
  • Check that your child has their reading book as part of their equipment each day before they come to school.
  • Check that your child is actively taking part in ‘Word of the Week’ and/or ‘Book of the Month’.
  • Check ILT’s are recorded in planners and question your child as to how they are progressing.
  • Check reading records in planners.

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