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National Poetry Day – October 2014

Well Done to Year 7 Poetry Competition Winners! Alex, Maryam, Megan and Holly were awarded their prizes in last week’s chapel assembly. The theme of the poetry competition was ‘Remember’, please see their poems below…

Yr7 Poetry Comp Winners

My eyes sink deep into the ocean, 
My eyes in a trance,
life floating away in deep paradise. 
The trance snaps, I look around, 
Stranded on a rock, in the middle of the sky-blue sea, 
The waves curve and twist 
The wind howls a tune so beautiful that the Gods dance to it, 
I see where I am, I think I’ll die here. 
I remember my life, my family my home
The fire soaring as high as the sky, the stockings hung up, 
the Halloween decorations, 
There, my family, my mother with soft silk brown hair peering out of the window. 
The soft breeze sending her into a shiver
My father, his yellow rotten teeth and his deep soft brown eyes, I look into them, 
I am suddenly back, at the rock, stranded, helpless, lost. 

Alex – Year 7


I remember
My first day at school
made me feel like a fool.
Not knowing anyone,
Just standing in the middle of the room.
Then I met a teacher who wasn’t cruel.
Her name was Mrs Crosby – she was cool!
After that I went to my first lesson,
it was English.
At first I thought they said Binglish.
Me and my friend Emily got put in pairs,
We didn’t know each other.
Then I met Fleur, French for flower.
I can picture her on the Eiffel Tower.

Maryam – Year 7


Remember the sunny, beautiful blue skies and the fluffy marshmallow clouds.
Exciting horse rides and fun on the gigantic waterparks and accelerating rollercoasters.
Magical beaches and gorgeous exotic animals
Extravagant hotels, luxurious foods and refreshments!
Magnificent people and outstanding landmarks and sites.
Brilliant fun all night long in the kids Nightclubs.
Exciting fireworks and cities full of lights and people.
Remember? Remember that amazing holiday we had?

Holly – Year 7


Remembering my first ever moment in the boiling hot sun as my toes glide through the golden sand. 
Ecstatic energy runs through everyone who shares the fun filled holiday pool. 
Mmmmm, yum. Licking chocolate ice-cream while stood in the gorgeous sea. 
Excellent sights and landmarks are to be seen around the whole of the island. 
Marvellous memories are shared with the amazing people who I holiday with. 
Brilliant food is eaten everynight, as my mum spoils us to an amazing meal. 
Every moment is treasured like gold in a treasure chest. 
Remembering every moment of my brilliant holiday. 

Megan – Year 7

Where now?