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Poet Dom Conlon visits Thornleigh!

Several groups of Year 7 students today had the opportunity to experience a new and exciting side to poetry.

Dom Conlon our visiting poet expressed the power of words to the students with some of his own poetry and even had the children reading some poetry of their own. Students described the work shop and Dom’s poems including ‘Local words’ and ‘Bent back’ as “inspiring and funny”.

Local words by Dom Conlon

These words that we fling
They can soothe
They can sting
They can make up
Or break up,
Shake up,
Or wake up.
They can take up
A campaign,
A crusade,
Or a cause.

So be local.
Be vocal.
Don’t hesitate.
Pick a word,
Stand up,
Be heard,
And realise
That in your patter,
When you natter,
In every word you choose to chatter,
It’s local words which really matter.

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